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Moonwalking with Michael Jackson

I have had one or two dreams about Michael but it’s hard for me to remember them. One of them though was not only the most vivid dream I have of him but my favorite dream I’ve ever had. It’s a long story though, so please bear with me! I was on a field trip with my class and for some reason, we were at a little convenience store along the sidewalk. My class was told we could walk around for a bit, then meet up later. At this point, all my classmates begin to disappear into thin air. Because this is just a dream I'm not at all fazed by this. I start to wander around, looking at the shelves of different foods. Then…as I turn a corner there was a man standing there who was none other than Michael Jackson himself (around the late 80s, early 90s Michael), with a red buttoned shirt, black pants, grey fedora hat (the classic MJ hat) with a black stripe above the rim and that gorgeous jet black curly hair. He turned to look at me while I’m staring at him in awe, my hands trembling while one of them covering my mouth in shock.

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